ok, so I’m a slacker

sure, I’ve eaten food since the last time I posted, but sometimes a lady needs to keep things to herself. but this my friends was just too delicious I had to share.

So one of my favorite movies is Moonstruck. I love Cher and Olympia Dukakis can do no wrong. Kristin shares movies – seriously, if you haven’t seen this movie you are missing out on one of the great romantic comedies of 1987, Cher won an Oscar for christ’s sake. Nicholas Cage is one handed! It will not disappoint. Anywho, at one point Olympia Dukakis is making breakfast, and for breakfast she is frying an egg in a hole in a slice of italian bread. I know, this isn’t something new, it isn’t a culinary masterpiece and it isn’t difficult to do, I had just never done it. Until today. All these years, breakfasts have come and gone without me making this. All the years of “Damn, I forgot…” and “Oh, not today…” It’s kind of all I want for breakfast for the rest of my life…who am I kidding, I didn’t mean it eggs benedict. It’s going to be my Thanksgiving breakfast with my coffee, mimosa and Macy*s Parade.


thanks Anne-Lise

I was about 28 when I really started to enjoy cooking. I had watched my mother cook for all of my life but never had any interest in cooking until I had been out of her house for 3 years and realized I had a craving for her lasagna/chickpea pasta/hotdog stew….don’t judge, It’s awesome…but I digress. I knew if I didn’t learn to cook I would never get to eat these things but maybe once a year when I would visit.

for a few years i called my mother everyday at dinner time, PSdinnerT, so movie time for my mother to ask her cooking questions, 2 or 3 times even, I mean I knew nothing about cooking. my dad would answer, I could hear the amusement in his voice when I would ask for my mother, again, “Hoooollld on” he would say. then in feigned annoyance my mother would come on “Whhaaaat?!? we’re watching a movie…” i like to believe she secretly like to answer my questions.

that little norwegian lady taught me all i know about italian cooking. don’t tell anyone I said this but she cooks better that the italian aunts. she was taught by the best, my dads mom. being a descendant of those 2 woman, it was inevitable that I would become the cook I am today. Anne-Lise taught me the importance of anchovies and let me know how unimportant tomato paste is in an all day sauce.

thanks mom.

tonite she made cauliflower pasta; she melted some anchovies in the olive oil, added a little red sauce and homemade chicken broth. and the sauvignon blanc we had paired perfectly!

sometimes its about dogs

this is milo. he loves red peppers, is crazy for cabbage, he makes sure our backyard is squirrel and bird free. oh, and he can turn himself into a burrito with a pile of blankets. i love him more than anything.

it’s not all about food.

I think I get this whole kindle-nook thing. I can download books onto my fancy phone if I want, it came with Alice In Wonderland already on it, I read a few pages, I felt the thrill of new to me technology “oooooo, shiny”. then I thought about one of my favorite getting to know you things when I make new friends. going to their home for the first time and checking out their book shelves, finding the new ones, or the very loved ones. and where are you supposed to hide letters for the CIA or your church flask?

what I did on my day off

this is my last post of the day, I sware.

I made a cabbage salad. I am working on the pictures. if I had been thinking I would have put this in a red bowl to contrast the cabbage. i made a yogurt sauce of plain yo, lime juice, cumin, garlic, cilantro….so so good. I bet it’ll be even better tomorrow.

I also assembled a lasagna! my mother (Anne-Lise) made the sauce. it got a little soupier than I like it but it tasted fantastic! I used fresh noodles and mozzarella

my favorite food

Y’all should know, my favorite food is a sandwich. preferably warm, always with cheese. i work in a cheeseshop/cafe – C\’est Cheese – we make sandwiches, Score! and this was my grilled cheese of the week – Swiss, pastrami and cornichons. Perfection.

how Foie Gras changed my life

I wish I could remember the day, it was probably raining. What I was wearing? Who was I with?(…of course I remember who I was with but that is another story, for a different kind of blog) All of those things don’t matter what does matter is I ate Foie Gras for the first time. (I was hereCicada Resturant – 700 4th Avenue East, Olympia, WA 98506-3920 (360) 753-5700)  I was being taken for breakfast, usually I go for the eggs benedict but there was something intriguing about a mushroom and onion filled crepe, topped with pan seared foie gras, topped with a sunny side up quail egg and if that wasn’t enough they threw in 2 scallops on the side. I wish I could explain to you the seasonings that were used in vivid splendor so you could almost taste it and smell it yourself, but I can’t so I will tell you about my first bite of Foie Gras. It’s like butter, and I don’t mean in a Mike Meyers, Cawffee Tawk, “it’s like buttah” kind of way, I mean I put this fatty piece of liver in my mouth and it jsut melted away, leaving behind the most amazing flavor of duck. I sat back in my chair, closed my eyes, my body relaxed, I took in a deep breath and swallowed. Up until that point, I didn’t know food could fill me up with that kind of emotion. A chuckle escaped my lips from joy. It opened the door for the Duck terrine I had the other night, full of foie gras, black truffles and pistachios at Stonewall’s Resturant 967 Reeves Avenue Riverhead, NY 11901-1402
(631) 208-3510