thanks Anne-Lise

I was about 28 when I really started to enjoy cooking. I had watched my mother cook for all of my life but never had any interest in cooking until I had been out of her house for 3 years and realized I had a craving for her lasagna/chickpea pasta/hotdog stew….don’t judge, It’s awesome…but I digress. I knew if I didn’t learn to cook I would never get to eat these things but maybe once a year when I would visit.

for a few years i called my mother everyday at dinner time, PSdinnerT, so movie time for my mother to ask her cooking questions, 2 or 3 times even, I mean I knew nothing about cooking. my dad would answer, I could hear the amusement in his voice when I would ask for my mother, again, “Hoooollld on” he would say. then in feigned annoyance my mother would come on “Whhaaaat?!? we’re watching a movie…” i like to believe she secretly like to answer my questions.

that little norwegian lady taught me all i know about italian cooking. don’t tell anyone I said this but she cooks better that the italian aunts. she was taught by the best, my dads mom. being a descendant of those 2 woman, it was inevitable that I would become the cook I am today. Anne-Lise taught me the importance of anchovies and let me know how unimportant tomato paste is in an all day sauce.

thanks mom.

tonite she made cauliflower pasta; she melted some anchovies in the olive oil, added a little red sauce and homemade chicken broth. and the sauvignon blanc we had paired perfectly!


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