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ok, so I’m a slacker

sure, I’ve eaten food since the last time I posted, but sometimes a lady needs to keep things to herself. but this my friends was just too delicious I had to share.

So one of my favorite movies is Moonstruck. I love Cher and Olympia Dukakis can do no wrong. Kristin shares movies – seriously, if you haven’t seen this movie you are missing out on one of the great romantic┬ácomedies of 1987, Cher won an Oscar for christ’s sake. Nicholas Cage is one handed! It will not disappoint. Anywho, at one point Olympia Dukakis is making breakfast, and for breakfast she is frying an egg in a hole in a slice of italian bread. I know, this isn’t something new, it isn’t a culinary masterpiece and it isn’t difficult to do, I had just never done it. Until today. All these years, breakfasts have come and gone without me making this. All the years of “Damn, I forgot…” and “Oh, not today…” It’s kind of all I want for breakfast for the rest of my life…who am I kidding, I didn’t mean it eggs benedict. It’s going to be my Thanksgiving breakfast with my coffee, mimosa and Macy*s Parade.